Central Archive for Movie Poster LogoOur passion for movies has assembled a considerable collection of movie posters on our harddrives, that we want to share with other cineastes. Naturally this is also an attempt to add more posters to our collection, which is why we called the project CAFMP – Central Archive for Movie Posters and give everyone the opportunity to submit posters themselves.

Our goal is to gather a collection, that is as comprehensive as possible and that we can share with not only all internet users, but also cultural institutions and scientists at a later point in time.

CAFMP is explicitly costfree and we would like it to remain so.

To somehow break even we will try to advertise some high quality ad spaces, but we most definitely do not wish to pester the visitor of our page with adds, but show you posters from the more than one hundred years long history of movies. On top we offer the function of rating a movie poster. This rating can in the future help to select and award the favorite posters of a decade of even the century.

We’re happy about your participation and commitment and thank every submitter with a back link, if he or she wishes (example). Apart from that we do not save any data from our visitors, except for the IP and only during the transmission of a new poster to avoid spam. On principle we refrain from using Google Analytics or similar analytic tools.

On the way to become the world’s largest collection of Movie Posters. Probably. 😉
Your CAFMP Team – Central Archive for Movie Poster